Humboldt State Pic
Entrance to the University on 14th St

Humboldt State University

Arcata is a college town, and naturally the college is one of the major reasons people visit the area. From our central downtown location it's about a 10 minute walk to the edge of campus, making Hotel Arcata a great choice for people visiting the university. We are also within walking distance of other Arcata attractions/curiosities such as the Redwood community forest where you can go for a quick walk in the redwoods, or the Arcata Marsh, a first of its kind marsh that is also a natural wastewater treatment system. 

Natural Attractions

Besides the college and business, many people come to the Pacific northwest area to see the natural attractions. The Pacific northwest region is a treasure trove of natural attractions and Humboldt County is no exception. We are a short drive from several beaches, several popular hikes including fern canyon (the area where they shot scenes from the movies Return of the Jedi and Jurassic Park 2), the spectacular Trinidad area, Patrick's Point State Park, the Headwaters forest, several lagoons, the state natural wildlife refuge, and forest all around. 

Canoeing on Maple CreekCanoeing on Maple Creek
Picture 3Awesome entry in the Kinetic Sculpture Race (there are many). Photo credit: Wikipedia

Local Events 

Arcata is home to many local events as well. The city is the home of the annual Kinetic Sculpture Race, a popular event held every May. Or the oyster festival, an event that draws thousands of oyster lovers from near and far.  Or the farmers market held on the plaza every Saturday in the late summer/fall, or various festivals and fairs such as the North County Fair, the Oyster Festival, and the Arts and Crafts fair, all held right outside our door. The hotel is also within walking distance of all the popular venues for shows including the old Arcata Theatre, the Van Duzer on the HSU campus, and other venues such as the Arcata Playhouse, Humbrews, and Jambalaya.

Hikeing Pic
Hiking a trail at the Headwaters Forest Preserve
Oyster Fest
Eating an Oyster at the Oyster Festival - The Event draws 18000+ annually 
Gettinf Ready for Kinetic Race
Getting Ready for the Kinetic Race