When you stay with us, you aren't staying in a generic hotel on the outskirts of town. When you stay with us you are experiencing Arcata for what it is, right in the downtown, any areas of interest in walking distance, with many local shops and restaurants in the surrounding blocks. Inside, our rooms add to the experience, conveying the historic flavor of a building that was constructed almost 100 years ago. Still, modern amenities have been added, including bathrooms in every room, and yes we have an elevator (it's a frequently asked question). There is no gym or pool in the building, but there is a pool with a gym and sauna a short distance away we can give our guests passes to. We are also pet friendly and we have free Wi-Fi.

Room Types and Descriptions


If it's the room rates you are wondering about, the current prices can be found in the reservations section. HSU graduation day and Banquet Room reservations are by phone or in person only.


Single Room Descriptions:

Our single rooms have a single bed, for one or two people. Standard amenities include cable TV, coffee with coffeemaker, bathtub/shower, phone, and free wireless internet. The rates on the singles differ by the size of the bed in the room. We have three available bed sizes: Full Size, Queen Size, and King Size. 



Multiple-Bed Room Descriptions:

If you need two beds in your room or a suite, we have several types of rooms to accommodate you. There are four room types we offer: Full/Twin, Mini Suite, Business Suite, or the Plaza Suite.

Our standard Full Size Room.

1) Full/Twin

2) Mini Suite

3) Business Suite

4) Plaza Suite

Press the room types to the left/above for a description of the room. Please feel free to check out the gallery below for more room photos.

If more than two beds are needed, we can put a rollaway bed in some rooms. Not every room can accommodate a rollaway bed however, so it is best to reserve over the phone if you need one so we can make sure you can get one.


For group reservations, please call so we can figure out how best to accomonidate your guests.


Please also feel free to check out the gallery of our 

interiors below, and thanks for looking!

The Bed in our Plaza Suite. A plaza suite is a great choice for a special occasion or a room for several people.